ICIGSS helps students to realise their individual potential and become creative participants in the global community,


Together we create and shape everyday school life within our small but strong international community. 


Our school environment assists children to grow into balanced individuals who are able to take responsibility for themselves.

Core Value

We challenge our students to embrace diverse perspectives through bilingualism and by exposing them to an immersion program run by native speakers.

What we offer

One school - two systems. The German Swiss International School, Ibadan, Nigeria (ICIGSS) was established by the German-Swiss and African-European Network families and also as part of UNESCO Associated Schools Network of year 2030 vision of international education.


The English program focuses on establishing skills in composition, reading comprehension, spelling, vocabulary, grammar, and oral response.


Mathematics in Middle School is taught as an integrated discipline, allowing for fluidity across boundaries between different branches of math.


The mother-tongue language program follows the curriculum of North Rhine-Westphalia.


Science as a general course is presently offered at ICIGSS in Grades 6–8.

Social Sciences

Curriculum in Grades 6–7 focus on map reading skills as well as a look at the impact of explorers and leaders throughout history.

French, Spanish and Japanese

Beginning in Grade 6, students choose between French, Spanish or Japanese as their third language.