July 25, 2023



Dear Parents/Guardians,

We thank God for His grace and mercy upon our lives, also want to use this medium to appreciate all parents for their supports this last term and as we prepare for the new session (2023/2024 academic session)

Kindly note the following information:

Opening & Closing Time: Crèche opens 7:00am and closes 5:00pm daily, while the regular school resumes 7:30am and closes 3:00pm with exemption of Fridays which is by 1:00pm, there will now be extention of after school till 6:00pm. 
However, pupils whose parents would like to drop off school before 8:00am are free to do so as learning activities begins at 8:00am daily.

Attendance / learning activities: We wish to remind our parents that the school resumes at 7:30am daily, any child who arrives after this time shall be assumed to have spent a half day in school. All learning activities starts at 8:00am and ends 3:00pm on Mondays to Thursdays and 1:00pm on Fridays, all parents are expected to take note.

Uniform: Please note that, it is now compulsory for all pupils in play group to grade classes to use the school uniform as we shall be having activities that would require it use this coming term.
We do not allow replicated uniforms in the school,  all pupils are to take pride in their appearance and complement their uniform by wearing black shoes and white stocks on Monday-Wednesday and Thursday-Friday in canvas. Also note that head bands are not allowed. In order to keep healthy, we plead that all pupil’s nails are well trimmed. Also note that the new extra wear used on Friday is now available. It cost ₦3000 for primary and ₦4,000 only.

Fruits and Water Day: This is a day that only fruits and water would be taken by the Pupils/ students in order to keep healthy. This will only be observed on Fridays. Parents should please give their ward(s) enough fruits and water on this said day.

SCHOOL FEES: The school fee should be paid into the school’s account on or before the first week of resumption while the balance (if any) be paid on or before the second school fees drive date.
Account Number: Inseberg coast international School
Account name: 4011227954
Bank Name: Fidelity
School’s email address:

Cash deposit is not allowed in school. Evidence of payment is to be sent to the school’s email for confirmation (

Transport: Our transport services are optional. Interested parents are to visit the school to secure a space for their kids on or before resumption as only financially registered pupils will be picked and dropped off. It is important to note that the school bus leaves the school 6:00am to pick pupils and leaves 2:45pm on Mondays-Thursdays and 1:00pm on Fridays to drop them. We plead that concerned parents should adjust as we need the pupils/ students to also participate in all activities before leaving the school.  Kindly be informed there is a new fee for school bus as the school introduces a new school bus to interested parents. 

Food: We want to thank our parents for the good meals and snacks being provided for the kids. The importance of fruit cannot be over emphasized, we encourage that fruit be included in their meal and if possible, take the place of snacks. However, we wish to state that, parents are to ensure pupils take their breakfast at home before coming to school. Thanks for your cooperation.

HEALTH: Please feel free to discuss your health issue with the Administrator for caution’s sake. Irrespective of this, we would like our pupils who are under antibiotics to be kept at home for 24hours for proper administration of drugs, close monitoring and supervision.

Communication Book: Please, endeavor to read and sign the communication book daily. Also communicate by writing whenever you put valuables or drugs in pupils’ bag stating what it is meant for. The School’s E-communication application is now available. Kindly drop your email address with secretary and visit the google play store by typing the school’s name to download.

Passport photograph: All pupils are to come to school with a passport photograph and a postcard picture size for the class board and star of the week corner. This is to enhance pupils’ productivity and also help get Familiarized with others in the school, also for the production of the ID card. The following are to be provided by parents for proper records; Birth certificate, Immunization card and last school result if you have not done so.

Termly Examination: The dates for the mid-term and final examination will be communicated to the parents on resumption of the first term of the new academic session for 2023/2024.

NB: other information on uniforms, sports wears, summer school activities, books, party activities and other info will be shared on the blog site of the school within 24hours. 

Thanks for your usual cooperation.

We wish you all a wonderful holiday season. 

Management [International German Swiss School - Inseberg Coast