July 26, 2023



International German Swiss School will be celebrating her 4th Edition Graduation Party and the Cultural Day Fiesta of our great school.

The event is about the commemoration of the diverse cultures of Germany and Nigeria. 

The cultural celebration is a very remarkable day with students beaming in their colourful native attires that showcases and demonstrates cultures from the various tribes in Germany and Nigeria. 

Culture is a word we all come across, we all come from different cultural backgrounds and are often intrigued by other people's cultures. One interesting thing about culture is the dynamics and how it is ever changing to fit time.

At International German Swiss School, we never miss any part of an interesting event most especially our culture which is the most important part of our lives because  without our culture, we don't know who we are and there's nothing to make us special, "so i say let's celebrate our culture to the fullest"  we shall be having different sections from different group of students and also special cultural troops will be available to grace the occasion. 

We are also pleased to inform you that our foreign directors will be in attendance in person and some via zoom, we will be having royal fathers, chiefs and eminent personalities from home and abroad to grace the festival. Several media houses and outlets, security agencies will also be available to grace this occasion. 

We implore our dear parents and sponsors of their usual cooperation in this event, this beautiful events is graciously designed for our pupils and students. 

We are International German Swiss School - Inseberg Coast 
..where cultural diversity brings a collective strength...

The event day: 27th of September, 2023

We will be having our "Old School Day" on the 26th of September, 2023 which is basically an internal event within the school pupils, students, staff and management, we will be communicating to all parents the costume to make available for individual child. 

We wish you all a beautiful holiday time.

Signed: IGSSIC Management.