• Expert teachers

    Highly skilled and qualified professionals to guide and mentor your wards

  • Quality Education

    We give international standard level of education. We build a solid foundation for your kids

  • Children Safety

    Ensuring the safefy of our students is always a top priority for us at Inseberg-Coast

  • Fun Environment

    We have a conducive environment that makes learning very fun for our students

Welcome to our school

Children have a desire to interact & communicate with others as a means of constructing their knowledge and formulating their ideas.

  • Preschool

    Our preschool program is designed for children to play, explore, and discover in a safe, nurturing, hands-on environment

  • Kindergarton

    Our Kindergarten focuses on teaching students to become confident and independent learners while providing a hands-on learning environment.

  • Elementary

    International German Swiss-School provides an ideal learning environment for German, African, American, and international students and families

We Are The Best Choice For Your Child

Creating an environment where children are encouraged to take risks, to express their potential, abilities and curiosity. Providing a challenging program using both provocations and ideas that evolve as part of the collaborative process between the children, adults and the environment as well as curriculums from Germany, Switzerland and Britain infused under International Baccalaureate Education (National Early framework for International Education).

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